I'm LaShay Harvey


The Experience

I believe every individual deserves to know who they are as a sexual being - free of guilt, shame, and all other binders - to experience the most authentic life possible.

- LaShay Harvey

LaShay Harvey is a sexologist, professor, and researcher. While research in all facets of sexuality is intriguing, her specific research interests encompass sexual agency, sexual freedom, and sexual identity development in the African American community. It is not enough to simply acknowledge that people are sexual from birth to death; it is imperative to dissect, critique, and re(create) those experiences in significant ways.

Most often, the African American sexual experience is examined through a limited and narrow public health lens that paints only a partial picture. It is the entire picture, chock full of nuances, that LaShay's work seeks to illustrate.

LaShay Harvey received her BA in Communications from the University of Central Florida, M.Ed. in Human Sexuality from Widener University, and is completing her Ph.D. in Human Sexuality at Widener University. She is currently an adjunct professor at The University of Baltimore where she teaches human sexuality, and the psychology of gender. LaShay also coordinates a research study at The Johns Hopkins University on pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) in adolescent girls and young women. She also assists with research from The Johns Hopkins University on exotic dancers and their risk environments.

The Values


"Your silence will not protect you" -Audre Lorde


"Being oppressed means the absence of choices" -bell hooks

Sex & Politics

"The political and sexual are intimate bedfellows." -Shereen El Feki


"Infidelity raises profound questions about intimacy." -Junot Diaz

The Work


I have had the distinct honor of being invited to guest lecture at various universities and organizations presenting to over 15,000 individuals.


Over 1,300 presentations completed, designing and delivering customized workshops on sexuality topics from sexual pleasure to sexual identity development.


It has been a joy moderating and speaking on many panels that encourage intense critique and dialogue from sexuality in hip-hop to sexuality in religion.


With several article publications in the works, I am always in pursuit of bringing more academic credibility to the lived experiences of people of color.

For more information about my previous work, please take a peek at my CV

The Clients

Below are the companies and organizations that have trusted me


  • I have had the pleasure of knowing & growing with Professor Harvey for well over 10 years. I can personally note and verify her extensive qualifications and geniune character. Her drive and committment is one of excellence and should not be taken for granted.

    Veronica, Atlanta, GA
  • LaShay Harvey is an intelligent and qualified professor. I have had the pleasure of taking one of her workshops and experiencing firsthand her enthusiasm and knowledge about the sociology of sex and gender. In addition, she is a positive example of a strong, confident Black female that more students need to experience.

    Sarah, Brighton, MA
  • One of the best professors I have had the pleasure of having during my time at Morgan State.

    Kaleb, Silver Spring, MD
  • LaShay is AMAZING!!!! Her passion and her charisma can't be matched.

    Patricia, Chelsea, MA
  • Because of you I changed my major...because I, too, want to change the world!

    Creonna, Baltimore, MD

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LaShay Harvey

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